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The amazing Urinal Caps

Urinals can waste vast amounts of valuable water with their continual flushing, so we decided to create a product that’s sustainable, affordable and kind to the environment. In our quest, it was important for us to design Urinal Caps that were easy to install and maintain, whilst challenging other products on the market.

Urinal Caps
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The Original

Our urinal caps are unique and we were the first to design a “no tools required” water saving product for urinals back in 2008

How it Works

Each cap houses a bacteria block which slowly doses the connecting
trap and pipework, creating a friendly bacteria environment
that digests the fats and solids in our urine.

Treatment Process

The treatment process allows the flush interval to be
reduced to just 4 flushes per day,
saving vasts amounts of water and money too!

Smells Great!

The bacteria block also contains pleasant fragrences to combat all the nasties associated with public and commercial toilets.

Water & CO2 Savings

This is no gimmick. As explained below, our Urinal Caps can save your business money.

The costs explained for running without our Urinal Caps
Save money with our Urinal Caps
An explanation of the money businesses can save when using our Urinal Caps

Our Caps Explained

We’ve made the cap quick and easy to fit, so you can start saving water and money right away.

Check out the different styles of urinal caps that suit your drain type below. And if you’re still unsure, please contact us.

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Identifying your type of drain for our Urinal Caps


Our three options of Urinal Caps


Helping your business.

Cut your water bills. Reduce your CO2 footprint.
Save Money.

The costs without our Urinal Caps

UK Water Boards and Rates - Urinal Caps

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